Community-based Tourism: Humahuaca´s Gorge

Background information:

Maximum Altitude: 4200 meters.

Overall length: 4 days & 3 nights.

Operates: Full year

In this region we work with the Ocumazo community, located in the Hidden Valley (Valle Escondido), Humahuaca´s Department in the state of Jujuy. This small valley it’s located in a narrow gorge crossed by a river of permanent progress, among multicolored hills. People live from a traditional agriculture producing cereals, vegetables and prized fruits. It is grown in the manner of “grandparents” with diversity of agro-ecological products, soil preservation and conservation of seeds.

Staying in these communities allows you to explore the environment of the host’s families and be surprised by the cultural syncretism which excels the idiosyncrasies and Andean world: devotion to the Pachamama, solidarity work (minga) and environmental sustainability, among other values ??that account for a “living culture”. You will also participate in the preparation of meals, some agricultural tasks depending on the time and even some workshops where you can learn traditional techniques such as ceramics, the work of the wool, etc.


To the north of the city of Salta passing by the capital of Jujuy we find the entry to the Humahuaca`s Gorge and its colorful mountains, recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Visits to Purmamarca, village located at the foot of Seven Colours Mountain, the archaeological site known as “Pucara of Tilcara”, ancient fortress built over 900 years ago by the natives from the area and the historical village of Humahuaca. After lunch, the trip continues with a nice hike to Ucumazo inside of the Hidden Valley where we going to spend the following nights. This small community is located 18 km from Humahuaca and there inhabitants live from agriculture practiced in a traditional and small-scale. Dedicated to the conservation of the Andean seeds, the community organized once a year, an exhibition between small producers in which the “barter” (exchange system) is still used.

Accommodation in family house, private room (or shared in case of groups), shared bathroom. (Full board).

* You can also reach the community by rented car o with a private tour.



Day dedicated to share daily activities with the host family like cooking workshops, cheese making, guided walks around the village or rural tasks. Depending on the season you can also participate in traditional celebrations such as Carnaval, Pachamama offerings and even one of the most important like the “Minga” a community work done during the harvest season

The local gastronomy deserves another chapter in this place because most of this families cultivates their own Andean products such as corn, a variety of Andean potatoes, ollucos, beans, etc and breeding goats and sheep’s in a very beautiful and peaceful countryside.

Accommodation in family house, private room (or shared in case of groups), shared bathroom. (Full board)



One of the hidden treasures of the region is certainly the colorful Hornocal mountain (see picture) and its stunning beauty.

In order to have the best’s views of the Hornocal we need to reach the summit of the Santa Ana Hill, which will take us the full day to do it and return to the village. There is three possibilities to reach the summit (3900 meters): hike, horseback riding or drive using another pathway. Back to the community for a delicious homemade dinner.

Accommodation in family house, private room (or shared in case of groups), shared bathroom. (Full board)


After breakfast will be time to say goodbye to the family and return to the village of Humahuaca and from there back to Salta by Bus (7 hours).


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