The state of Salta has the greatest variety of birds in Argentina with 657 species that represents more than 65 percent of bird species in the country.

Its northern position which reaches the tropic of capricorn and its complex geography of praries and mountains with wide altitudinal range (between 50 to 6700 meters above sea level ) also the wide display of landscapes , valleys and mountain ranges with variations in arid and humid microclimates gives to this region a noticeable diversity making it possible for the development of warm tropical conditions to nivals  or tropical and humid forest to xeric environment as well as different wetlands.

For these reasons the state of Salta is home to an incredible and great diversity of birds and wildlife, and our idea its to design one-day programs that gives to our clients the opportunity to enjoy all the different ornithogeographical zones in the region.




Not only does the diversity of birds in a certain territory constitute an important cultural, natural and turistic resource, but it is also an indicator of its ecological quality and, therefore its potential for development.

Birds Checklist of Salta, May 2014



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